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Islahome was founded in December 2011, in an industry where 70% of today’s realtors won’t be in the business a year from now; a year later we are still standing and growing strong. We are committed to our brand. We conduct ourselves in a way that produces positive gossip and experiences in the marketplace whenever anyone comes into contact with us. We are not afraid of online ratings and reviews – we seek public opinion as we are confident that our customers will only have positive experiences, or help us improve our ability to create a better customer experience.
Most real estate companies aren’t known for their cutting edge technology. Here at Islahome we are at the top with technology regarding our system database and equipment.

We offer a wide range of attractive buying properties in Gran Canaria. You can Browse detail information of  apartments, houses, bungalows, luxury villas, studio, Garage, Parking, Store room and Commercial properties in Gran Canaria, Spain.

Customer Care
We hire and develop experts so you always work with the best. We have several departments to attend any of your needs regarding buying property in Gran Canaria or any other real estate inquiry. We take care of you before and after the transaction whether it is a rental or sale. We also speak several languages to accommodate your preferences.
Approachability and friendliness
Ever walked into an agency in which you felt the treatment was cold? That will not happen at Islahome! To us it is important to work as a team to create a good atmosphere, resulting in giving excellent customer service. Don’t be surprised if you see us one day out at lunch with one of our clients!
Extra services
Want to play some golf, go cycling, hiking or scuba diving? Unlike many other real estate agencies Islahome offers many extra services to be able to enjoy this beautiful island at its maximum potential. Or does your new home need a makeover? We can also advise you on how to get the best out of your new buying property in Gran Canaria at a good budget.


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